HHCo originates from the bold - California landowners and ranchers, Gold Rush pioneers, and artists living on communes. A lineage that found honest ways to live and work. In its DNA are people who danced on and off of society’s grid. A bit of rebellion does the body good.

And so does a timeless love story.  Meet Max and Laurel.

Max, a 6th generation farmer who grew up near San Francisco, carries a California farming and landowning lineage that traces back to the Gold Rush.

Laurel, an architect and designer by training,  was born on a commune in New Mexico, and grew up living by the wisdom instilled within four simple  adobe walls...to live a life true to her nature without putting anyone else out, to live simply and pure. An outlook HHCo holds close.

Together Laurel and Max bought a piece of humble land, grew community, birthed some beautiful babies and started a small batch, family-run farm.

As big businesses barge into the evolving landscape of the Green Rush, their values remain solid; small batches of the purest products, employees treated like family, and cultivation of healthy communities.

Laurel and Max set out in the name of freedom -- for themselves and for you. Freedom doesn’t look the same for everyone, in fact true freedom reigns within the integrity and honesty of being your own individual. To walk with a straight back, and be naked. So naked. Bare butts in the proud sun.

That is their wish for you.